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works by misa kumabuchi

a look inside the studio of kutani choemon, operating in japan since 1879

package design by seymour chwast

n+m covers by erwin poell

The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama

Over a period of two weeks, children who visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane were given stickers to place wherever they wished.

Living with their art collection, Christian Boros and his wife resides in a converted old air raid shelter in Berlin’s mitte district. They open their home for private viewings by appointment on the weekends.

Saul Bass (1920–1996) is internationally celebrated as one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century. Bass created some of the most compelling images of postwar visual culture, often in collaboration with his wife Elaine, and permanently transformed the worlds of corporate identity and graphic design. He is also legendary for his design work in film, particularly his iconic title sequences, and for his enduring collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, and Martin Scorsese. “

if you’re a member of the MOMA, get your butt to the film screening tomorrow night. Kyle Cooper, Chip Kidd and Pat Kirkham are presenting. 

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Kim Pimmel combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse techniques. Black ferrofluid and dye race through bubble structures, drawn through by the invisible forces of capillary action and magnetism. “